Boca Raton's Lynn University Scores the Final Debate in the 2012 Presidential Election

President Obama will debate some guy (don't pretend like Michele Bachmann is in contention) at Lynn University in Boca Raton next year, according to an announcement from the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The debate, scheduled for October 22, 2012, is planned to be the last of three, preceded by one at Hofstra University on October 16 and one at the University of Denver on October 3.

Centre College in Kentucky will also play home to the vice-presidential debate scheduled for October 11.

According to Lynn University's PR department, the U submitted its application in January 2011, a couple of months after it hosted the debate between then-candidate Allen West and then-Rep. Ron Klein.

"Being an undergraduate or graduate student here on our campus when such an historic event takes place will provide a singular and unparalleled educational experience," University President Kevin M. Ross says in a statement.

The school also got some help in earning the bid to host the debate, including the entire Florida Congressional Delegation, the Florida Cabinet, the leadership of the Florida Legislature, former Gov. Jeb Bush, former Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham, Palm Beach County officials, Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel, and "many others."

The university says it won't be talking about the debate until a November 2 news conference that will be held in the actual debate hall at Lynn's Keith C. & Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center.

Now, they have to deal with all the crap involved with two political elites swapping jabs, including preparing for the arrival of the candidates and the thousands of national and international journalists, as well as Fox News.

The announcement says the website for the debate at Lynn is currently in progress, and Washington University in St. Louis was selected by the commission as the backup site.

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