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Boca Rock Duo Wolfcat Write Pam Bondi a Song About Gay Marriage

The Sex Pistols railed, "God save the queen/She ain't no human being."

The Dead Kennedys sang, "Blow it out your ass, Ronald Reagan."

And now, here comes Wolfcat, getting all up in the face of our twice-divorced, thrice-married, yet gay-marriage-denying attorney general, asking her (more tunefully than their punk predecessors): "Pam Bondi (Is There Any Love in Your Heart)?"

Wolfcat is a husband-and-wife duo who, like an ultracool and remarkably high-pitched phoenix, rose from the ashes of superfun but now-defunct South Florida bands Freakin' Hott and Zombies! Organize!!

Aaron Gentry, one-half of Wolfcat, says his wife and bandmate, Mary Ruth Sheffield Gentry, has a sister who is openly gay and "very very close to us." This July, a Monroe County judge ruled that Florida's same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional and ordered the local clerk to begin issuing marriage licenses. Gentry's sister-in-law, who "had been with her partner for years, was superexcited. The day that was announced, she said, 'Let's meet at a bar and celebrate! We're going to go to Monroe County, get a marriage certificate!' They'd been waiting for years."

Then Bondi delivered a buzzkill. "We were literally sitting in the bar celebrating when someone looked at their phone and saw that Pam Bondi ordered a stay. The disappointment and frustration in the bar was so strong, so powerful, I felt that somebody should say something about this. Bondi issued a statement like, 'It's not personal,' but I know that scene of us was replicated hundreds and hundreds of times over the state."

It was "one step forward, two steps back," Gentry says, and for those affected, they have to once again put their "hopes and dreams and lives on hold and move on to the next step. Their lives hang in the balance of this weird political game."

Gentry says that gathering was on a Friday, and the song just poured out of him the next Tuesday.

Believe it or not, Wolfcat's slaying guitars and sing-along choruses come out of Boca Raton -- about the most un-rock 'n' roll place you might imagine. But Boca, and Florida in general, Gentry says, is a great place for channeling musical angst because there is so much to rail against.

"It's the absolute inspiration for all of things that rock 'n' roll rebels against, and by the nature of that, it's very inhospitable for rock 'n' roll. The infrastructure is not there, which i frankly appreciate. We were on vacation last week out west, in Utah," he says, where the music scene is well-organized but "doesn't have that rawness... that I-have-to-do-this-no-matter-what feeling."

Bondi is not the first female attorney general to be immortalized in pop culture. In 1998, Miami bass rapper Anquette recorded "Janet Reno" -- though that was an homage to the AG, for enforcing child support laws. And Crimea's attorney general is a frequent muse for fan art.

Wolfcat has shows planned: August 30 at Vintage Tap in Delray Beach and in September at Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale. In the meantime, you can listen to "Pam Bondi" and some other tracks on Wolfcat's Soundcloud page.

Here are the lyrics:

I know that you've been in love at least three times before Stood in front of all your friends and promised and swore All the people that I know, they want to feel the same thing too None of them have ever needed permission from you

An eye for an eye would leave both of us blind So just consider this a shove You're not on the wrong side of history You're on the wrong side of love

Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart, for me and my family?

We are waiting for the courthouse to open its doors We're waiting in the boardroom on the thirty-first floor We're waiting to be Mom and Mom or maybe Dad and Dad We've been waiting such a long, long time We're starting to get mad

We're waiting in churches We're screaming from the pews We're holding hands in hospitals We are just waiting on you

Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart, for me and my family?

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