Boca Web Entrepreneur Raphael Caixeta, 23, Dies in Motorcycle Crash

A 23-year-old cofounder of an iPhone and iPad web development company was riding his 2008 Yamaha motorcycle about 8 p.m. in Boca Raton yesterday when he was fatally struck by a silver Jeep.

Raphael Caixeta was headed south on St. Andrews Boulevard (just behind the Boca Town Center Mall) when the Jeep entered St. Andrews Boulevard from Town Place Club Villas and collided with the motorcycle. Caixeta was transported to Delray Medical Center, where he died, according to the police. Robin Lynch, 20, from Kentucky was uninjured and driving the 2006 silver Jeep Grand Cherokee.

West Boca News Now, which first reported the incident, ran a gruesome photo a reader sent of the crash.

Because no arrests were made, there is no probable-cause affidavit, and according to Boca Raton Police spokeswoman Officer Sandra Boonenberg, since it was a traffic accident, the report might not be available for weeks.

Caixeta described himself on his own website as a "23-year-old obsessed with making amazing things that people will use." He's even created messaging and task reminding apps for the iPhone.

"There's really nothing more exciting than building something that can make a difference in someone's life -- no matter how small that difference is," it continues. "I started programming when I was 13 making desktop based apps. I moved on to web development when I was 15. Since then, my projects have been featured in several different awesome places. I'm constantly learning new ways to accomplish different tasks and look forward to new challenges every day."

His Twitter bio says simply enough: "I code." It contains many pictures of motorcycles; Caixeta seemingly was excited about his ride in every one of them.

His girlfriend, Mirian Levis, posted a picture of the two on Facebook earlier today with the caption: "My dearest best friend and true love. I will miss you and love you until the day I am able to be with you once again. You were one of the best things to happen in my life and I'm so sad to see you go. Love you always Amorzinho. #RIP July 21, 2014."

Boca Raton Police are urging anyone with information regarding the crash to contact Traffic Homicide Investigator Mike Daly at 561-620-6081.

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