Body Found Near Freeway Identified; Death Remains Mysterious

Paul Innamorato is the name of the man whose body was found along I-95 on September 10, but the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is still trying to learn the circumstances that brought about the 54-year-old's death. From today's release:

Innamorato was staying at the Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel located at 3030 Holiday Drive on July 16, 2009. On that date, the victim left for a walk at approximately 6:30 P.M. wearing a green polo shirt, swim trunks with blue trim, and black flip flop sandals. The victim never returned from his walk and a missing person report was filed.

A Paul Innamorato is named as the Pennsylvania salesperson for Surefind, a product that was part of a class action suit for fraud in 1997. In July 2008, Pittsburgh's Tribune-Review named Paul Innamorato as the stepfather of a victim in a fatal car crash. It's not clear whether it's the same person in this case.


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