Body Painting Wisdom From a Local Artist

Georgette Pressler, owner of Devious Body Art in West Palm Beach, uses the human body as her canvas, painting everything from pregnant bellies to Playboy bunnies. As Valentine's Day approaches, she shares some advice about her extraordinarily sensual art form:

The strangest design I was ever asked to paint was at Hedonism in Jamaica, a "clothing optional" resort. A gentleman asked if I would paint Dino the Dinosaur, from The Flintstones, on his... well, on his downstairs business. He swore he'd behave, but after noticing the creepy glare in his eyes, I kindly declined.

I like to think that the art of body painting can teach people appreciation for the

human form as a beautiful canvas, regardless of shape or size. Women and men that have been painted find that they love their form just a little more. Self-love, that's what body art teaches.

I started painting pregnant bellies over four years ago.I think that moms are intrigued by the concept of decorating a part of them that they are already so enamored with. It becomes a billboard for their hopes, their emotions, and gives them a gift that they can share with their child.

Playboy was an amazing experience. The grounds were beautiful, the girls were gorgeous, and the staff at the mansion were just awesome.  Plus, I got to meet Dane Cook and swim naked in the Playboy pool!

As far as trying to avoid tickling my subjects...I don't. I think it's funny! But in all honesty, I really haven't had a tickle problem. I have been told many times that the wet paintbrush tracing over the skin feels like a little massage. I actually had a female client request to lay flat so she could enjoy her "paint massage."

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