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Bogey Hits the Airwaves Next Week

Here at Juice, we decided to make the talents of television personality Mike "Bogey" Boguslawski the worst-kept secret in the South Florida media world. And it worked. Since that post, the righteously apoplectic consumer advocate says he's been fielding inquiries. His first local foray will be a radio show, Bogey's Corner, on WDJA 1420AM. Starting next Monday, he'll have a lengthy prime-time slot -- from 4 6 p.m. weekdays -- that he hopes will score him lots of commuter listeners.

"All the rip-off artists in South Florida better keep their eyes open," growls Bogey. "There's a new sheriff in town."

But to whip himself into the proper frenzy, Bogey is asking South Floridians to call

him and describe exactly how they were cheated so that he can avenge that crime on air. Call him at 954-839-7751.

Or, for those who haven't been cheated but have faith that the bloodsport of busting rip-off artists will make good radio, call that same number to advertise. For those who don't already have a radio ad recorded, Bogey offers his distinctive voice for the job.

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Thomas Francis