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Boil-Water Notice Is Up for Parts of Fort Lauderdale

A water main broke at the intersection of NW 31st Avenue and NW 26th Street in Fort Lauderdale, and now Broward County Water and Wastewater Services is advising folks to boil their water from now until at least Saturday.

So, if you live anywhere between NW 31st Avenue to the west, NW 26th Street to the north, NW 26th Avenue, NW 22nd Street, and NW 24th Avenue to the east; and NW 19th Street to the south, you should be boiling your water before drinking it, cooking with it, or using it to wash up.

Or stock up on Zephyrhills and use that to wash up. Fancy!

Officials say the boil-water notice will remain until they can do a full bacteriological survey on the area's water supply so they can sound the all-clear.

There will be an official notice given as to when residents will no longer have to boil their water. But, officials say, that won't happen till Saturday at the earliest.

Officials say  your water should be boiled for at least one minute before you use it.

Call the Water and Wastewater Services customer service hotline at 954-831-3250 if you have any questions.

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