Boom Times For Bogenschutz

As the economy goes further into the tank, there's at least one guy in Broward County whose business appears to be thriving like never before: David Bogenschutz, the go-to defense attorney for ethically challenged judges, indicted politicians, and just about anyone else with a high profile.  

Corruption is a growth business right now and Bogenschutz is benefitting in a big way. Here's a smattering of some people he's representing currently or has rep'd in the recent past:

-- Federally charged former Palm Beach Commissioner Mary McCarty          

-- Al Capellini, the recently removed Deerfield Mayor charged with felony corruption

-- Broward Circuit Judge Ana Gardiner, who is under JQC investigation

-- Eleanor Adderly, who is facing aggravated assault charges after shooting at her husband, Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderly, at their Plantation home

-- Ex-Parkland Mayor Bob Marks, who pleaded guilty to perjury after lying about his business relationship with developer WCI

-- Robert Ray Huizenga, son of Dolphins owner H. Wayne, who was charged with DUI

-- Former Sheriff Ken Jenne, whom we all know about

-- Former Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin

-- Former New York Yankees star Jim Leyritz, charged with DUI and manslaughter after an early-morning car accident in Fort Lauderdale that killed Plantation's Fredia Ann Veitch

-- Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman, investigated by the JQC for misconduct

You'd think South Florida would be enough to keep him busy, but he just took a case in Tampa involving another heavyweight: Appellate Judge Thomas E. Stringer.

The 64-year-old Stringer, who was the first black circuit judge in Hillsborough County history, was charged yesterday with violating judicial canons and misconduct over his relationship with a stripper. In essence, he is accused of helping exotic dancer Christy Yamanaka hide money from creditors and failing to report gifts from Yamanaka that included a Vegas vacation, a Mercedes, and two Rolex watches. Here's a link to the JQC charging document, courtesy of the Tampa Tribune. And here's a much more colorful account of what has happened from the New York Post, which includes a photo of Yamanaka. 

Damn, some strippers must make almost as Bogenschutz.

It's certainly a quintessential Florida case. No wonder Stringer went to the quintessential Florida attorney for help.

Think what you will about what Bogenschutz does for a living, but however distasteful it may be, it's definitely an interesting occupation. And challenging. Especially with clients like McCarty, who actually put out a public apology that, he says, came without his knowledge or permission. I'm a little concerned for Bogie -- can he really juggle all of these demanding and complicated clients in an effective way?  

Ah, so much corruption, so little time to make it go away.


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