Boynton Beach 3-Year-Old Allegedly Abducted by Father; Cops Thinking Mexico

A Boynton Beach woman allowed the father of her 3-year-old girl to take the child for a weekend visit, but seeing as it's now Tuesday, the cops are thinking the father is headed for Mexico.

According to Stephanie Slater of the Boynton Beach Police Department, 26-year-old Feliz de la Cruz Lopez picked up 3-year-old Jazmin Lopez from her mother's house on SW First Street in Boynton Beach on Saturday afternoon.

The girl's mother said she was allowing Lopez to take the couple's daughter for "a day or two at a time," police say.

The cops say that Lopez came back from Mexico about three months ago, saying he wanted to be a part of his daughter's life.

The girl's mother tried to call Lopez on Saturday night, and he didn't answer. On Sunday, police say Lopez gave the woman excuses as to why he didn't pick up the phone.

By Monday, Lopez called to say he "had their daughter [and said] that she didn't want to live with her mother anymore," Slater says.

The cops say they have reason to believe Lopez is headed toward the area of Tabasco, Mexico.

Boynton Beach Police detectives are working with state and federal authorities and say they do have probable cause for Lopez's arrest.

As usual, the cops ask that you phone them up if you have any information.

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