Boynton Beach Cops Looking for Man Who Had Extremely Difficult Time Stealing Cigarettes

Boynton Beach police are looking for a guy who made an ass out of himself stealing $1,300 worth of cigarettes from a Walgreens on Monday.

The cops say the man went into the store with a woman who distracted the clerk of the store by asking where the wart medicine was.

As you can see in the video later in the post, the gentleman in question hopped a counter in the store and shimmied across the floor to some cigarette cartons on the wall.

After filling a plastic bag with 25 cartons of cigarettes, he hopped back over the counter and dropped about half of them before he made it out the door.

For the next 30 seconds he spends trying to gather the cigarettes, around two cartons fall out of the bag for every one he puts back in.

He gets about half of the cartons outside the store, then gets back in the store on his hands and knees and picks up a few more, before leaving again.

The man then proceeds to go back in the store one more time -- this time crawling in -- and manages to finally grab the last of the cartons before finally making his getaway.

Here's the video:

If you know the guy in the video, or maybe somebody who just happened to be strolling around with 25 cartons of cigarettes, call Detective Midian Diaz at 561-742-6113, Sergeant Frank Ranzie at 561-742-6132, or Crime Stoppers of Palm Beach County at 800-458-TIPS.

You can also tell the cops by submitting tips at the department's website or on the department's Facebook, and you can remain anonymous.

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