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Boynton Beach Police Arrest and Shame "Grinch" on Facebook for Breaking Christmas Ornaments on City Tree

Boynton Beach Police reported on Wednesday that a woman had taken 21 ornaments off the Christmas tree downtown and smashed them on the ground. The news of her arrest was shared by the BBPD on their official Facebook page, sparking the usual debate one would expect on Facebook.

According to the BBPD, 19-year-old Samantha Presendieu was arrested and charged with criminal mischief over $1,000 as well as trespassing on school grounds. The incident took place at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center — which offers classes and workshops but is not a traditional school. The city manager's office referred questions about the value of the ornaments to police spokesperson Stephanie Slater, who did not immediately return a call. 

According to the BBPD report, Presendieu is referred to as "The Grinch who vandalized the tree," and a Scrooge reference was made as well. 

The BBPD says that Presendieu was with two other women but that she was the one who vandalized the tree, which included smashing the ornaments and breaking the star. Police say that officers spotted Presendieu with the two other women not far from the tree and that witnesses reported she was indeed the culprit.

They then went and posted the entire incident on Facebook. Some saw it as justice served, while others saw it as an attempt to shame Presendieu.

The comments range from empathy to openly wondering why the Boynton Beach Police Department would out Presendieu for her crime in an effort to shame her over something that's seemingly petty.

Most, however, show no sympathy for Ms. Presendieu.

One commenter brought up George Zimmerman, which prompted a strong response from others.

Then there was this comment:
There was even one commenter who suggests that breaking tree ornaments might lead to much more serious crimes in the future. Such as, being a serial murderer. 

As for Presendieu, the BBPD points out that she has been released on bond. A call for comment from New Times to the department was not immediately returned, though the BBPD openly hopes Presendieu gets nothing for Christmas this year.

As they write on the post: "Here's hoping there's coal in her Christmas stocking this year! ?#?bah humbug?" 
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