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Boynton Beach Police Department Racked With Scandal and Allegations

Boynton Beach elected officials are calling for a top-to-bottom review of a police department that's been fraught with attendance problems, squabbling, one cop that ran away to South America, angry emails, and alleged child porn.

But Boynton Beach Police Chief Matthew Immler ain't concerned about the department's apparent dipping into the crazy, saying he's more focused on fighting crime.

Sure our cops are lying on police reports, looking at kiddie porn, dealing drugs, and not showing up for work, but that's because we're so focused on fighting crime!

"It puts a black eye on the rest of the department, and the only thing I can think of is there must be something wrong with the management of the department," City Commissioner Steven Holzman said. "These are just more examples of our need for a top-down review of the department."

One recent example of the nuttery has been Lt. David Wier, who sent out an angry email to about 150 other cops after his attendance was called into question. Following the emails, Weir was relegated to desk duty, which, if cop shows and movies have taught us anything, is really lame and other cops point and laugh at you.

The desk demotion was blamed on "health issues," but the Sun Sentinel reports that, nope, it was totally the emails.

"Your point is taken, however inappropriate to send to all sworn... I am relieving you of duty effective immediately," wrote Maj. Frank Briganti, who would later mention "bizarre emails Dave sent out."

Some cops backed Weir, while others did not appreciate his coming and going as he pleased or even not communicating when he might be late or absent.

Then there's the case of Sgt. Frank Ranzie, whom we told you about last week. The State Attorney's Office is investigating allegations that Ranzie's work laptop contains child pornography.

Last year, Officer David Britto was fired from the department for allegedly trafficking drugs and is apparently on the lam in Brazil.

Meanwhile, the Boynton Bech commissioners, who are calling for an external investigation of the department, are having some scandalous problems of their own.

Yet, through the mess, scandals, and the entire department going full Lord of the Flies, chief Immler is all about staying the course:

"We've got a job to do, and the job we have to do is protect the citizens out here," Immler said. "That's the issue for me. Minor internal issues are something that our command staff handles every day, and they continue to handle them. Just like any other company."

Just like any other company. No, not the companies that don't have top officials showing up whenever they want or have employees dealing in drugs or bosses looking at kiddie porn on company computers or people sending angry emails to each other. The other companies that do have those things happening.

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