Boynton Cop Stephen Maiorino Arrested for Raping Woman at Gunpoint (UPDATED with Gross Details and Probable Cause Affidavit)

A Boynton Beach Police officer is being charged with kidnapping and raping a 20-year-old woman who was a passenger in his patrol car.

Officer Stephen Maiorino was officially charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping, and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior. A criminal complaint was filed against Maiorino two weeks ago. But after a police investigation that included interviews, physical evidence, and DNA testing, official charges were filed, and Maiorino was placed under arrest Thursday.

The details in the probable-cause statement are lurid. According to that report, it all started after the victim's friend was arrested for a DUI and his car was towed. With no ride, Maiorino offered to take the victim to the police department, where she could be picked up by her mother or sister. But once they got to the department, Maiorino wouldn't let her leave the car. According to the report, he grabbed her and said that unless she performed oral sex on him, she would be arrested too.

The victim claims that Maiorino proceeded to take her to a secluded area, where he told her to strip down, remove her tampon, and put her face down on the hood of his car. He then raped her with one hand on her back and the other holding his unholstered firearm. She says she could see him holding the firearm she she looked back during the assault.

The victim complained to police about six hours after the alleged assault. Investigators helped her find the field where she said she had been taken to. They found a tampon and a used condom. They collected Maiorino's underwear. Police say that in lab tests returned October 27, DNA from the condom and the underwear was found to match the victim's. Also they determined that during the time period of the alleged assault, the officer had told dispatch he'd be driving the victim 20 blocks to the station, yet 54 minutes passed before he arrived.

Boynton Police Chief Jeffrey Katz says he is "disturbed and disgusted by the nature of the complaint, the findings of the investigation, and indeed the very prospect that a law enforcement officer -- someone with whom the public should hold in the highest regard because the manner in which we safeguard public welfare -- could possibly exploit this trust in such a vile and inexcusable way."

He adds: "The facts of this case are simply unconscionable."

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Maiorino has been employed by the Boynton Police Department since May 2006. During that time, the officer has been on television shows at least twice, including a 2008 episode of TruTV's Most Shocking, where he talks about his brush with a crazed driver who slammed into police cars.

And here's the accused cop in a rather lame segment of Cops where he helps arrest a man for playing music on his cell phone too loud while riding a trolley.

Katz says he anticipates further legal and investigative action.

Below is the entire probable-cause statement for Maiorino's arrest:

Stephen Maiorino Probable Cause

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