Boynton Cops Aren't As Racially Insensitive as the Dalia Dippolito Video Sounds

If you watched the above video of Boyton Beach cops telling Dalia Dippolito that her husband had been killed, then you might pick up on a line that sounds a bit racially insensitive.

If you haven't followed the news, Dippolito allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband. The hitman was actually an undercover operative. Later cops told her the deed had been done -- and caught the whole thing on this video.

At 46 seconds in, the cop tells her: "Witnesses said they saw a black male running from here."

Sound a bit insensitive? Maybe the cops are doing a bit of racial profiling with a fake murder suspect?

No, actually.

I asked Boynton Beach Police Department spokeswoman Stephanie Slater about it this afternoon. Her response: "Yeah, but he is black," she answered quickly. "The man she believed she had hired to kill her husband was black, so saying the suspect was black fit the story."

No telling if that reasonable excuse will stop the speculation. Slater says mine was the second call on it today, and there just might be more to come.

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