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Boynton Woman Gave Credit Cards to Cops So They Could Hire a Hit Man for Her

A Boynton Beach woman hated her husband so much that she wanted to have him killed. So she gave a couple of cops credit cards to give to a potential hit man.

The cops said they were cops. They were wearing tactical vests that said POLICE on them. They were very obviously cops. If they were any more coppish, they'd each have a billy club and speak with thick Irish accents.

She still gave them the credit card to find a hit man for her anyway.

Anny Belkis Terrero, 38, was arrested Thursday by Boynton Beach Police for allegedly trying to hire said hit man who, shockingly, was no hit man at all but an undercover cop.

Terrero gave the fake hit man a shotgun and shotgun shells as a down payment. She said he would collect the rest -- 30 grand from her husband's life insurance -- once the job was done.

The whole thing went down when Terrero's neighbors complained about possible drug dealing and prostitution going on at her home.

So Terrero agreed to be an informant for the Boynton Beach Police so she could finger a drug dealer for them.

It was on the way to nab the drug dealer that Terrero inexplicably started telling officers that she hated her husband and wanted him dead. She also told them she had a "plan in place" to off the guy, according to police.

The officers with her, probably wondering if this was either a joke or the easiest bust they'll ever make -- insinuated that they might know someone who she could hire to rub out her husband.

Terrero gave the cops her credit cards as a down payment and asked them to set her up with the hit man.

The following day, she met with the undercover cop, gave him the shotgun, and promised him more money. Once she did that, she was arrested.

She is now facing two counts of solicitation of murder and two counts of bribery.

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