Boynton Woman Passed Out in Car With Child, Said She Was "Smoking Blues"

Jessica Lobig tried to juggle parenting with a prescription drug habit, and that combination has landed her in jail. The probable-cause affidavit says that just before midnight Thursday, Boynton Beach Police found the 24-year-old mother passed out in her 2007 Honda pickup truck, sweating profusely, with tin foil on her lap and a plastic pipe in her mouth. Lobig's 2-year-old child was in the back seat, also covered in sweat.

The affidavit says that police woke Lobig, at which point she told them she'd been "smoking blues" -- the street term for roxycodone. Lobig told police that she'd come from an AA meeting in West Palm Beach but that she had pulled over after getting in a phone argument with her boyfriend. Police found Xanax, roxycodone, oxycodone, and marijuana in her car.

Lobig has been charged with child neglect and possession of illegal drugs.


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