Braco the Croatian Healer Comes to Town With Hopes of Planting a Seed in You

"We all carry a seed inside," writes Braco on his website, "which can become a beautiful fruit one day."
Braco is undeniably a beautiful fruit. He's got soft skin; an easy smile; long gray hair, never befouled by an inorganic treatment. His eyes are full of the serenity that can only be attained from long communings with quartz crystals and/or really fantastic acid. And he's coming to town to look at you.

Yep, to look at you.

You see, Braco has a healing gaze. He stands; he looks at you; you heal. That's it.

Medical science has yet to verify Braco's remarkable ability, but, as the man's website has it, that's only because scientists "cannot explain his work through the conventional scientific process." A perfectly reasonable explanation.

Braco is from Croatia, and he is the pupil of an allegedly great Croatian healer/teacher named Ivica Provik -- a man whose magical powers first manifested themselves after a sunbeam descended through the atmosphere and pierced his calf, just above the ankle. Braco has been considered Provik's successor since the elder man died unexpectedly in 1995. (Presumably, Braco wasn't looking at him enough.)

Braco will be gazing at the New Life Expo at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on the 19th and 20th, and then at the Hilton on Griffin Road on the 21st and 22nd. Attendance costs a mere $8. Braco dissuades parents from bringing small children, lest they be overcome by Broco's occullar energies.

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