Bradford Cohen, Fort Lauderdale Attorney Trump Once Fired on The Apprentice, Is Now Representing Lewandowski

On March 8, at a news conference at Trump National Golf Club, Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was accused of grabbing Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields as she went to ask Trump a question. Fields said that her arm was yanked aggressively, that she almost fell, and that she was definitely "shaken" by the ordeal. Fields later posted a photo of bruises on her arm, and a Washington Post reporter who was there supported her account. Lewandowski took to Twitter to say he never touched Fields.

Then, security video was released. In it, Lewandowski does indeed touch Fields' arm. Yesterday, Lewandowski was arrested for battery by Jupiter Police. Now three South Florida attorneys are defending him: Kendall Coffey, Scott Richardson, and Bradford Cohen, the Fort Lauderdale attorney whom Trump fired on season 2 of The Apprentice, back in 2004. Twelve years later, it looks like Trump has decided to hire him. 

New Times has left a message with Cohen and will update this post if we hear back. 

“If Trump doesn’t like you, he will tell you. There's something so refreshing about that," Cohen told New Times earlier this year. "I’ve never been this excited for a presidential candidate. Maybe it’s because I know him, but I just think he is going to be an amazing leader."

It's apparent that Cohen harbors no hard feelings toward Trump and, in fact, has become one of Trump's most passionate supporters in Broward County. Cohen has even plastered a huge seven-by-20-foot Trump billboard outside his law office on SE Third Avenue in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The sign is lit with a string of fairy lights at night. Cohen also passes out Trump hats and shirts to passersby.
After being fired from The Apprentice, Cohen continued practicing criminal law. He has spoken on Nancy Grace and other TV shows as a legal commentator. In 2006, he ran for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission but lost the election, coming in third. He hasn’t run again.

During Cohen's campaign for commissioner, Trump called him "a very smart lawyer... a brilliant guy" who's "doing fantastic things." Trump even donated to Cohen's campaign. 

Cohen's website lists "white collar crimes" as his specialty. Lewandowski's attorneys Richardson and Coffey are excited to have Cohen join the team, according to the JAAB Blog, a site about goings-on in the Broward courthouse. Richardson's assistant said: “Mr. Cohen is on the team, and he’s very pleased to have him join them.”

Cohen spoke to Matt Lauer this morning on the Today show. Cohen disputed Field's version of events — particularly that she was grabbed aggressively and almost fell. "It doesn't look anything like that in real time,'' Cohen said. "It doesn't look anything like that in slow motion. It does look like there was contact. It is an incident that I don't believe Corey thought was anything. I don't think anyone that was present thought it was anything.''

Cohen then went on to explain that Lewandowski is an ex-cop from New Hampshire and was only reacting to what he perceived as a threat to Trump. He told Lauer: "If [Lewandowski] sees a threat, or if he sees something that is abnormal or something that is irregular, he thinks that he can take action. It's not just the job of the Secret Service. Everyone is responsible for Mr. Trump's security."

Lewandowski's next court date is in Palm Beach County Circuit Court on May 4. He could face a year in jail if convicted.
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