Brady Act: Underdog Republican Candidate Has Star-Making Turn in Debate Against Allen West


David Brady has been listed as a candidate for Congress in Florida's 22nd Congressional District since August, and he qualified in April, but nobody's paid any attention to him. Frankly, I just assumed he was the typical long-shot whack-job who gets a thrill from seeing his name on a ballot.

Then I heard him in the above debate on Joyce Kaufman's show. Brady's got game. He walked onto West's home court (Kaufman is the region's most enthusiastic West cheerleader) and fairly dominated the Republican favorite.

And I'm not just saying that because Juice has watched West's rise to fame with a jaundiced eye. If you watch the debate, you'll see how skillfully Brady undercuts West's arguments, conveying rational ideas that profit in comparison to West's highly emotional language. If you didn't know anything about the race except what you heard in this debate, you'd think Brady was the serious candidate and West was on the political fringe.

I interviewed Brady this afternoon, so check back tomorrow morning to see that article. Here's a link to Brady's website, though it won't give you much information until it launches in two weeks.


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