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Brady Quinn Working Out for the Miami Dolphins (Updated)

Seven years later, Brady Quinn could be a Miami Dolphin! And it's basically because the Dolphins are hurting at quarterback right now (still).

Starting QB Ryan Tannehill had a decent performance during the Dolphins' first preseason game over the weekend. But his backups, Matt Moore and Pat Devlin, are both nicked up with injuries, possibly paving the way for free agent QB Brady Quinn to become a Dolphin.

Because, Dolphins.

Update: According to NFL Network's Jeff Darlington, Quinn has signed with the Dolphins.

According to WSVN's Sports Xtra, the Dolphins have scheduled a workout with Quinn.

They've also scheduled a workout with veteran QB Rex Grossman, which is equally hilarious and sad.

But at this point, the Fins are being forced to rummage through the bargain bin for a quality backup for Tannehill.

Neither Moore nor Devlin saw any playing time on Friday night's matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Moore is dealing with a sore throwing shoulder, while Devlin is still healing from a hamstring injury.

Seth Labato served as Tannehill's backup this week.

This could all very well mean Quinn, a highly touted prospect in 2007, could be a Miami Dolphin after the team surprisingly passed him over in that year's draft for kick returner Ted Ginn Jr.

In hindsight, neither pick would have served the Dolphins well, because both players have gone on to have mediocre careers. Quinn, though, was at one point expected to be the new face of the franchise after a solid career at Notre Dame.

Then the 2007 draft day came, and Quinn began to fall. The Dolphins had the 16th 9th pick, and it would seem the football fates had made a marriage with Quinn a thing.

With the Dolphins sorely needing a QB after Dan Marino's retirement, pretty much everyone was expecting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to walk up to the podium and announce Quinn as the Dolphins' pick.

And then this happened:

Womp. Womp.

The Ginn pick would eventually be controversial for other reasons -- not least of which because he was pretty middle-of-the-road for a guy selected in the first round, not to mention that he was a kick returner and that he ran passing routes like he was being chased by a bee.

But Quinn's career fizzled too, and he became all but forgotten after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns (haha... Cleveland).

Now, the long-awaited get-together could finally happen!

Unless Rex Grossman beats him out, in which case Quinn should just call it quits altogether.

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