Brazilians in South Florida Spend Millions, but They Aren't the Only Foreigners to Thank

​Shop till you drop has a whole new meaning. At least for Brazilians, that is. 

With a strong currency and booming economy, they've been flocking to Florida for lengthy shopping sprees, buying everything from designer jeans and handbags, to cheap shoes and cosmetics.

Just last year alone Miami-Dade saw more than 500,000 Brazilian visitors. The best part: they spent over $1 billion before getting on a plane to tote it all back home. 

But the Brazilians aren't the only foreigners deserving of a shout-out. There are plenty of

others that are equally contributing to South Florida, including our top three below.

They've spawned some of baseball's greatest, including the St. Louis Cardinal's Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees, and our very own Marlins shortstop, Hanley Ramirez. That's why we consider ourselves lucky to have another Dominican with this year's Tampa Bay Rays free agent pick-up, Manny Ramirez. 

New York City has every race imaginable behind the taxi cab wheel, but here in South Florida, we have the skills of all our Haitian drivers to thank for getting our drunk asses home fast and safe. What would we do without you guys? Well, probably get another DUI.

We could joke around and say they're the backbone of our labor force, but that's just an under-served stereotype. Really, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for making every neighborhood and city in South Florida a mecca for some of the most diverse, authentic Latin-style cuisine in the country.

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