Breaking Bad Contest Winner From Florida Arrested on Drug Charges

Ryan Lee Carroll, winner of a contest that allowed him to watch the Breaking Bad series finale with the show's stars at a private party in a Hollywood cemetery, was arrested last week and charged with felony possession of a synthetic narcotic and felony possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

In addition to the drug charges, Carroll was charged with misdemeanor keeping a shop or vehicle for dangerous drugs. Authorities have yet to name the drug he was making in his vehicle.

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The contest, sponsored by Aaron Paul, was set up to promote an antibullying nonprofit founded by the actor's wife. After winning the contest, Carroll said of the show, "If you start watching it, you can't stop. It's highly addicting, just like the meth they make [on the show]."

Neighbors reported seeing many warning signs -- for example, FedEx deliveries every day. "You knew something was up," said Randy Hughes, 55, who lives next door. "They either had a very successful business or they were up to something they shouldn't be. Every day, FedEx deliveries."

It's just kind of mind-boggling to think stuff like that can happen right next to you," neighbor Jim Mielke said. "We still don't even know what was going on."

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