BREAKING: John Goodman Juror Says Goodman Is Innocent

UPDATE, 5/1: A new post is up with more information about the juror responses and the new court dates.

Original post, 4/30:
Expect much more soon (the hearing is still going on), but a juror in the John Goodman murder trial referred to as "Mr. St. John" just told Judge Jeffrey Colbath that he voted to convict Goodman on all counts even though he believes Goodman is innocent.

Goodman was convicted of DUI manslaughter and other charges last month. The interview was part of proceedings this afternoon in which Colbath called all the jurors back to ask them if there was any misconduct during or before deliberations.

Though all of the other jurors thus far have denied the claim, when St. John was asked if he heard anyone indicate that they'd made up their minds before deliberations started, St. John responded, "Yes, quite a few. Comments like, 'We know he's guilty; let's just sign the paperwork and go on'... I think the whole case in general, I thought that, you know, these people kinda like had their minds made up."

And, when asked if he thought Goodman was actually innocent, the juror responded, simply, "Yes."

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