Brent Grimes' Wife Accuses NFL of Being Anti-Woman and Caring Only About Money
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Brent Grimes' Wife Accuses NFL of Being Anti-Woman and Caring Only About Money

Miko Grimes, wife of Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes, went full scorched Earth on the NFL on her Twitter last night. Though Miko's saying inflammatory things on Twitter is nothing new and though she says nothing revelatory about the NFL, it's still the most public lambasting of the league anyone related to a current player has ever done.

Among some of the things she tweeted were accusations of how the NFL pretends to be friendly to women but is actually anti-woman, having started its domestic violence awareness campaign only after the Ray Rice controversy broke, and how the league doesn't truly care about player safety and concussions, even though it pretends it does. She also slammed the league for only being truly concerned about its bottom line: big money.

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Miko, who is very active on Twitter and is known for being outspoken, began her rant by explaining the reasons why Brent had to leave Pro Bowl practice over the weekend. Grimes was allowed to see Miko after she had oral surgery, but the NFL yanked the pay he was to receive for Pro Bowl public appearances.

Brent Grimes' Wife Accuses NFL of Being Anti-Woman and Caring Only About Money

Things then took a quick turn as she began to unleash her anger at the league.

Then things turned toward the NFL's domestic violence campaign:

Miko then took her wrath toward the league supposedly not caring about player safety and mishandling of concussion protocols. She also claims to know of several players whose concussions the NFL did not take seriously.

Miko went on to tweet that the NFL blatantly displays its lack of empathy and caring about player safety by forcing players to often play two games a week.

She then recapped the entirety of that situation with this tweet:

Miko then threatened to expose the NFL, as a player's wife:

Again, none of these accusations is new. And this has been perhaps the worst season the NFL has ever had, public-relations-wise.

But the fact that a current player's wife is not only saying it on a public forum but making threats should be seen as a pretty big deal.

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