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Brian Krebs' Mug Shot Shows How Badly He Was Beaten After Fishtales Stabbing

According to the official record, the crowd at Fishtales "disarmed and subdued" Brian Krebs after he stabbed Jimmy Pagano to death during a bar fight April 17. But witnesses say it was more dramatic than that -- a handful of patrons and employees descended on Krebs.

Krebs managed to stab five of them before they took the steak knife from him. Then they beat him so badly that some who were there feared he might die too. Krebs spent two nights in the hospital, but police say he was healthy enough last week to finally be booked on charges of murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Now a newly released booking photo shows just how badly Krebs was beaten. The photo

shows him with two black eyes, a cut on his left cheek, and a swollen jaw. Krebs, who served as inspiration for the American Pie character Stifler, will remain at the Broward County Jail on charges that, if he is convicted, would put him in prison for life.

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