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Brittney Sierra, Suspected of Killing Her Own Child, Posted Strange Baby Pictures

Brittney Sierra wasn't a good mother.

According to one neighbor, she did drugs in front of her three children while cursing them with "nasty words," was often accompanied by four or five drug-addled men whom she was sleeping with -- and, finally, allegedly covered up the extremely suspicious death of her baby boy, whose remains were found in her backyard.

But if her chilling online presence is any guide, she and her children's father, Dontrell Melvin, couldn't have been better parents. On one of her two Facebook profiles, she wrote, "Always put your kids first and yourself second because you cant do no wrong if you follow the right path."

Sierra, who uploaded a number of pictures of herself wearing lingerie, also posted scores of photos showing her children smiling and giggling for the camera.

In the weeks before the 21-year-old's arrest, when police learned she and Melvin obfuscated their child's 18-month disappearance with a "web of lies," Sierra expressed discontent with some aspects of family life.

"So much drama with him," she wrote on January 4, "but we ain't together." Then, the next day, she uploaded this message: "Tired of fighting with him im glad he left now hmu if u want to chill."

Later Sierra, who "liked" marijuana, also wrote: "Hit da phone up if u have my. number im bored everyone sleep in my crib ugh"

Meanwhile, amid more scantily clad pictures of herself, she put up dozens of photographs of her other two boys, who have since been put into state care.

Police have charged Sierra and Melvin with cruelty toward a child and abuse causing great harm. During police interviews, both of them were apparently shocked when they learned authorities had uncovered the remains of a child in their backyard.

Police say they'd lied about the boy's whereabouts for more than a year, telling everyone the boy was in the care of a relative's family and unreachable.

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