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Bromance Blooms at NBA All-Star Game

If the love story between Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant were an '80s romance movie, Dwyane Wade would be the suave, successful rebound guy who dates one of the leads briefly in the second act--right before the big reunion moment.

Last night's NBA All-Star game gave us that moment. Playing on the same team for the first time in nearly five years, Shaq and Kobe shared the MVP award in the West's 146-119 victory. Afterwards, they all but made out. (Kobe did make a reference to Steel Magnolias.)

After the jump, D-Wade holds a boombox over his head and blasts some Peter Gabriel.

And as you can see in these photos, D-Wade seems jilted, but not broken. Remember, the other guy in the triangle isn't bad, just not the right match for Shaq. They certainly had a good run, but as act two comes to a close, there's no fighting fate.

Now, in any movie with any sense of justice, the other guy ends up with a pretty good consolation prize (usually in the form of a hot friend). In this case, D-Wade will have to settle for three-point shootout champion Daequan Cook, who couldn't miss when the competition went into overtime. Wade will also have the best player on the rookie side of this year's annual Rookie Challenge in Michael Beasley.


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