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Brother Micah, the Insult-hurling Preacher, Returns to Boca

Brother Micah is back.

For those who aren't familiar with him, Micah Armstrong is a radical Christian preacher who travels to college campuses in the Southeast, preaching his beliefs and calling students porno-watchers and fornicators.

He'll be on Florida Atlantic University's Boca Raton campus until Friday.

While Brother Micah sings "it's not OK to be gay" and hurls insults at the crowd of students, his wife sits quietly on the outskirts, casually thumbing through her Bible. So below is an excerpt of the discussion when Juice sat down with the couple.

Juice: Do you believe what you say to female students who walk by?

Brother Micah: That they're sluts? That they're whores? I don't say anything to females walking by. I'd only say something if she made a lewd, lascivious comment, bragged about how she was. Then I would.

Have you ever seen someone hit your husband?

Sister Elizabeth: Yes, I didn't like it. I didn't like when they struck my husband or pelted things at him because they have enough strength so that it

could hurt. However, if you read the Bible, a lot of the disciples are cruelly hung or beaten with many stripes so it's not unusual for that to occur.

What do you think about women who want careers?

Brother Micah: Well, if they're not married and they don't have children, then I don't have a problem with that. But once you're married and you have children, your primary responsibility is to stay home and raise the children.

What's the No. 1 sin?

Brother Michah
: On this campus? That's tough, this campus has got a lot of sinning. We got homosexuals. We got fornicators. We got porno watchers. The majority do that, I don't know about everything single one of them.

Sister Elizabeth:
Being disobedient to God is really the No. 1 sin.

Have you found anyone on college campuses who's sin-free?

Sister Elizabeth: Yes, we have found them. They're not a dime a dozen, but they do exist. Brother Mark [an FAU student], he's one of the students who's dedicated and who's living according to the word of God.

What's your favorite piece of technology?

Sister Elizabeth: Probably the mobile phone.

Brother Micah: The Internet. I have a message board:

Do you listen to music? Anything good on mainstream radio?

Sister Elizabeth: We listen to hymns, gospel music, some contemporary. Well, some of the [religious] music that's played on the radio is, in our opinion, just people that couldn't make it to the mainstream, so they chose to change the lyrics. Some of them are there for the money. They start out right but then they get poisoned or whatever.

Have you ever yelled back at the people who yell at your husband?

Sister Elizabeth: I usually lift my voice up when I'm preaching. That's probably when I'd yell or raise the volume, but I don't really holler at someone.

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