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Broward Amputee Ready for Civil Battle

The South Broward Medical District was found not guilty of malpractice in the case of a Fort Lauderdale mom who lost all her limbs after being misdiagnosed by doctors, but the case is far from over. A Broward judge has taken the unusual step of calling for a new trial, saying jurors who cleared Memorial Hospital West doctors failed to look at all the evidence.

For her second trial, expected to occur next year, Lisa Strong's heartbreaking story figures to get national attention, like the article and video that appeared yesterday on

The 44-year-old mother of two walked into a Pembroke Pines ER, complaining of abdominal and back pain. She was sent home without being treated for its cause -- a case of kidney stones. Upon her arrival home, Strong started experiencing symptoms of a rare tissue inflammation.

"My fingers were turning black and curling. They looked charred," Strong tells CNN. "My toes were turning blue and black. It wouldn't stop. I had no idea what was happening to me."

After rushing back to the hospital, Strong was told by physicians that her arms and legs had to be removed in order to survive. After the traumatic surgery, she lost her job and her marriage fell apart.

Strong turned down a $7 million settlement offer from the hospital. She'll have to pay her own way in the upcoming trial, even as she struggles to perform even the simplest of tasks at home.

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