Broward and Palm Beach Counties Part of Massive Conspiracy to Rig Election With Votes

If you haven't yet received this email forward, it means you don't have enough wingnut friends.

"It does not hurt to read this several times," the note begins in bold letters. In fact, it only hurts to read it a few times. By the fourth time, the mind-numbing idiocy of it has, well, numbed the mind.

Below the photo I've displayed here, the note says the following: that in the November 4 General Election Democrats won 19 states and Republicans 29. That Democrats won just 580,000 square miles of electoral turf, compared to the Republicans' 2.4 million. That Republican-voting counties had more citizens than the Democratic-voting ones. And most ominously of all: that the murder rate in those Democratic counties was nearly seven times that of the Republican ones. Counties like Broward and Palm Beach, which both went for Obama.

Even if all that was true, which apparently it is not, the note ignores the whole "voting" part of the equation -- which is really the only one that matters in an election. Anyway, the point here is to advise folks on the best remedy for combating these urban myth-makers: If you receive the note, hit "reply all" and copy into that note a link to this page.

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Thomas Francis