Broward Bee-Sieged! Miami-Dade Next?

They're coming. In swarms. From north to south. The killer bees, capable of assuming sphere shapes and terminating humans, with extreme prejudice. Yes, before they struck the Broward Correctional Institution yesterday, the little bastards wreaked havoc in St. Lucie County. A few months ago, the TC Palm fielded a report that bees had taken over an abandoned house. Of which there's an alarmingly large supply 'round here. The witness, Jim Mellons, painted a horrifying picture with words.

"I looked over and there was a double-basketball sized ball of bees on that window over there," said Mellons.

So basically, Jim, we're talking about a goddamned fitness ball that stings? Have fun with that, Miami-Dade. They're comin' your way.

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