Broward College to Host First Debate Between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

It appears the stage is set for Gov. Rick Scott and his challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, to go mano-y-mano in an all-world, no-holds-barred, smackdown, cage-match extravaganza.

Or, as most people would call it, a debate.

Leadership Florida, a nonprofit political group, announced Tuesday that Decision 2014: Before You Vote debate between Scott and Crist will go down Wednesday, October 15, at Broward College.

The debate, which is scheduled for 7 p.m., will be televised across the state.

The debate is also expected to be broadcast nationally by C-SPAN.

Folks will also be able to watch it online at the Before You Vote website.

The two candidates will face a panel of journalists from Florida (SEND US AN INVITE, LEADERSHIP FLORIDA!), who will pepper the two with questions and give the state a chance to see both guys go at it face-to-face.

Like most political debates, the format will be question-and-answer and will be moderated.

Leadership Florida says WFOR anchor Eliott Rodriguez has been scheduled as the debate's moderator.

"We're proud to produce this important dialogue between the top contenders vying to be Florida's next governor," said the president of Broward College and Leadership Florida's chair, David Armstrong, in a statement. "This debate will help millions of voters learn more about who these candidates are and where they stand on the issues that affect Floridians the most."

No doubt there will be plenty to talk about come October 15. And between then and now, you can be sure that both sides will begin the attack ads and hard campaigning.

Scott's party has already gotten a jump-start on that.

Back in November, the Republican Party of Florida released an ad attacking Crist's track record as Florida governor and addressing his flip-flopping ways.

Meanwhile, the latest polls -- released in March -- show Crist leading Scott by as much as 16 points.

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