Broward County Now Helping Kick-Start Your Transformation Into a Cat Lady

Have you always wanted to ditch your biped friends and expose yourself to brain-controlling parasites but you just didn't know how? Broward County Animal Care and Adoption is here to help.

A new program from the county starts today and offers a free cat when you... adopt another cat.

The two-for-one program goes through September 30 and is aimed at alleviating the glut of stray cats that's expected to come in by giving away two for the price of one.

"Historically, our cat population sees a very dramatic peak during the spring and summer months, resulting in an overwhelming amount of homeless mother cats and kittens brought to our local shelters," said Broward County Animal Care veterinarian Tim Johnson.

So now, show up to one of Broward's shelters with $74.95 and you can get two cats, complete with shots, a health exam, registration, tests for feline leukemia and AIDS, and spaying or neutering.

Broward County killed 17,000 unadopted dogs and cats last year -- you can save two of them by taking them home and getting an early start on your descent into madness. The Fort Lauderdale adoption center is at 1870 SW 39th St., and there's another in Pompano Beach at 3100 NW 19th Terrace. Check out its website for more info.

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