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Broward County Sends Out News Release About How Great It Is at Spending Money

​Somebody get Hallmark on the phone -- there's a new celebratory month, and I have absolutely nothing to send out.

March, if you were not aware, is National Purchasing Month, and the Broward County Purchasing Division sent out a news release pointing out that the department has "facilitated 61,341 purchases for more than half a billion dollars... Purchasing Division Director Brenda Billingsley said it is also an appropriate time to reflect on the contributions of County government procurement to the local community."

No word yet on why a whole month is necessary or which months celebrate the county government's accomplishments in other things it is the job of the county government to accomplish, but here's the release, in case you're wondering how any of this really works. (Called the purchasing division several times for comment; haven't heard back yet.)
March is National Purchasing Month
The designation of March as National Purchasing Month marks the importance of the public procurement profession to business, industry and government. Broward County Purchasing Division Director Brenda Billingsley said it is also an appropriate time to reflect on the contributions of County government procurement to the local community.

"There are comprehensive federal, state and county procurement and contracting laws which govern the expenditure of public funds," said Billingsley. "Broward County residents can be especially proud of their county government's accomplishments in procurement." Noteworthy accomplishments include:

• Facilitated 61,341 purchases for more than half a billion dollars.

• Realized more than $3.6 million in cost savings through strategic sourcing, cooperative purchasing, voluntary price reductions, rebates, skilled negotiation, cost avoidance and due diligence.

• Received Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award from the National Purchasing Institute for the sixth year, and an Award of Excellence in Public Procurement from the Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers, Inc. 

• Offer in conjunction with Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development monthly workshops on How to Do Business with Broward County, presenting opportunities for County purchasing agents and small business owners to interact and exchange information.

• Enrolled more than 5,000 vendors in Vendor Self-Service, a 24/7 online registration service that enhances customer service.

• Enhanced the website,, with new features including procurement information archives, a searchable library of standardized procurement items, a list of vendor violations and final determinations, and Request for Letter of Interest and Request for Proposals.

"Our purchasing professionals make important contributions to the quality, efficiency and profitability of our County," said Billingsley, noting that 55 percent of the County's purchasing division agents hold national certification as professional buyers or officers through the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

Residents are encouraged to stop by Purchasing Division's display in the Downtown Governmental Center lobby, at 115 S. Andrews Ave., to review the Division's Fiscal Year 2011 annual report, or speak to a purchasing agent about the important role of purchasing professionals or how vendors can do business with the County. 

For more information on the Broward County Purchasing Division, visit

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