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Broward County Transit to Cut Express Fares From $2.35 to $1.75

Beginning January 7, the Broward County Transit will be cutting the east-west 595 Express bus fares from $2.35 to $1.75, with monthly passes at $58.

The move was made mainly to boost ridership, which averaged 80 riders a day on the Sunrise to Fort Lauderdale 595 Express route.

In contrast, those who rode to Miami averaged around 600 a day.

In addition to the lowered fares, the bus also features free WiFi, charging stations for phones and laptops, as well as high-back seats.

Officials have been battling with commuters' desire to drive rather than be at the mercy of a bus schedule, or having to wait for a bus in South Florida's hot and/or rainy weather.

"We knew there would be challenges," said transit spokeswoman Phyllis Berry.

To help combat the challenges, the 95 Express Pembroke Pines route will run every 30 minutes at rush hour, with some trips every 15 minutes, between C.B. Smith Park, Miramar Transit Center and downtown Miami, while the 95 Express Miramar route will run every 15 minutes at rush hour between the Miramar Transit Center to the Civic Center in Miami.

Officials are encouraged with the progress, saying the new changes have seen a passenger average jump from 46 a day to 80 a day, in the first four months. Now they're hoping the lowered fares will give commuters even more reason to catch a bus rather than drive.

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