Broward County Was Mostly Meh About Voting in Last Night's Primaries

The results are in: Broward County just didn't have a single crap to give when it came to the primary elections last night.

According to the Florida Division of Elections website, Broward posted 10.69 percent turnout, which is pretty darned low, even for Broward's traditional meh stance on primary election nights, which has floated between 11 and 15 percent since 2010.

So does this mean the lack of turnout will affect things come November?

Not really, no.

Except that... yes?

Broward remains the biggest Democratic county in Florida, with more than twice as many D's (572,000) as Republicans (257,000). But, as is the norm, most of them stayed home Tuesday. If they don't show a little more enthusiasm on Nov. 6, it could be a very long night for Democrats.

This may or may not be a problem come November.&

In 2008, Barack Obama won Broward by a substantial amount (67 percent to 32 percent). So, there's that.

The statewide turnout last night was 20.4 percent with Liberty City drawing the highest (66.04 percent) and Broward drawing the lowest.

Primary elections often don't have big turnouts, nationwide. But last night's lack of turnout is somewhat troubling. The solution might be to move November's election to a Wednesday or a Friday. Or a Monday or even a Sunday. Basically any night America's Got Talent isn't on!

Damned politicians don't care about nothin'.

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