Broward Crime Stories of the Year: From Dog Molestation to TSA Agents' Theft Habits

Crime in Broward -- sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's depressing, and sometimes it's just downright freaky.

From a guy getting busted while fingering a Chihuahua to a TSA agent getting caught stuffing a passenger's iPad down his pants, crimes in Broward were anything but tame in 2011.

Check out this year's best stories that ended with someone's picture being taken at the Broward County Jail after the jump:

The Broward Sheriff's Office said TSA agent Nelson Santiago had stolen about $50,000 worth of stuff from people's luggage at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport's Terminal 1. That streak ended with after police say a Continental Airlines employee spotted Santiago taking an iPad out of someone's luggage and stuffing it into his pants. Santiago was fired by the TSA and provided us with the Pulp's most-read story in 2011.

TSA security screener Toussain Puddie saw a stray pen on top of a filing cabinet and took it home. Little did he know that it was car dealer Rick Case's $450 Montblanc pen and he'd called the BSO reporting it stolen. Puddie is facing a grand-theft charge and became the subject of a New Times cover story earlier this month.

Fort Lauderdale cops declared the death of 70-year-old millionaire Ronald Vinci "suspicious" after they were called to his house when his body was discovered wrapped in duct tape. The cops ended up arresting Pileggi, his 54-year-old girlfriend, accusing her of stabbing/shooting Vinci inside his mansion. Pileggi was busted after Vinci's handyman refused to help her dispose of Vinci's body, according to police.

James Way likes to trespass -- a lot. The 52-year-old Lauderhill man has been nabbed 14 times for trespassing, but it's his mug shots that make his trespassing habits interesting. Way treats mug shots like modeling shoots, which we enjoyed thoroughly.

After hearing his Chihuahua yelp from his backyard, Bautista's roommate went outside -- where he found Bautista passed out drunk with his pants down and his dog bleeding. Bautista admitted to the BSO that "he used his finger to penetrate the dog" and was eventually sentenced to a year plus one day in jail.

​Fort Lauderdale police say 79-year-old James McIvery shot a 12-year-old kid in the abdomen because the boy and his buddies were harassing him by knocking on his door all day. McIvery told detectives he fired the gun off to scare the kids and didn't intend to actually shoot any of them. The kid ended up needing emergency surgery at Broward General Medical Center.

Salvatore Miglino started recording video on his iPhone when he went to pick up his son from his estranged mother-in-law's house, expecting that some sort of confrontation might happen. He didn't quite expect to get shot, but Miglino got it on tape nonetheless. Hepner had told the cops that it was Miglino who tried to shoot her and that she had shot Miglino in self-defense -- until the cops found the video.

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