Broward Democrats Exposed as Tools for Health-Care Industry

You want health-care reform? You want us to get out from under the tyranny of the health-care and insurance industries?

​There's a man at the top of his game, on a serious power trip. He also recounts a call from Jeremy Ring, (at right) quoting the state senator as telling him:

I need to be a "go to" guy for the FMA. I need to have a very important bill to sponsor and pass -- something like a floor on your fees or something important. I need to pass something good for you guys because you are my friends and because I do not want you guys to ever have a reason to do a TV commercial against me!

Ring denies it, and Mendelsohn may have embellished a bit to puff himself up more, but you know the gist is true. And no matter how hard the senator tries to dance his way through it, it reveals a side of him that the public should never forget, especially when he's going for reelection. With troops in the trenches like this, even if only on a lowly state level, you have to feel sorry for Barack Obama, who is staking a big part of his first term on much-needed health-care reform.

And good on Tim Ryan. The better candidate lost that one.  

-- Rumors are spreading about a cruise last month attended by Broward County Commissioner Lois Wexler with her husband, Steve. Oh, they say the couple was also accompanied by a third wheel -- lobbyist Judy Stern. Wexler admits that she and Stern, who does a ton of business in front of the commission, are good friends. But still.

-- And what about them Marlins? Rumble, young men, rumble.  

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