Broward Election Results

For those of you wanting to keep an eye on the results as they come in, click here.

Early voting totals are in. They are pretty good indicators, but you can see pretty good swings in some races as the night wears on.

Gelber has about about 60 percent here in Broward, which ain't bad (but he's unfortunately getting whooped statewide). LaMarca is up on Keechl, 51-44, which is good for LaMarca but certainly open to change. Remember Republicans came in much larger numbers in early voting, so anything is possible. Moraitis is crushing Barbra Stern so far in both Broward and Palm Beach.

As for squeakers to watch, Roger Wishner and Larry Sofield are neck and neck in Sunrise (Alu, by the way, looks to win in a landslide over Caravella -- she has 72 percent of the vote, which I think puts her at the top, numberswise, of all candidates in Broward). Another tight one is Mardy Levey Cohen and McLawrence (51-48).

On the School Board, Thomas has a comfortable lead over Levine (60-40). Rupert is leading Williamson by a wide margin (65-35). Levinson has a solid edge on Hope, but that one's stilll very open for discussion.

In Cooper City, John Sims, bless his heart, is looking to win again with a pretty good lead over his three challengers (Mike Good, the awful former Hallandale Beach city manager, is getting only 5 percent, which is gratifying to see). David Nall, though, is getting his hat handed to him so far by Lisa Mallozi.  

My poor Amendment 4 is getting trounced, and it's an even vote on Amendment 8 (class size). Problem is it needs 60 percent to pass. It will be a shame if 8 doesn't pass.

Awful to see: Former Eggelletion crony Llevoyd Williams is up handily over the capable and always honorable David Shomers in Lauderdale Lakes.

Read more inside, with updates and photos.   

Pozzuoli: "Who is not in favor of, uh..."

Ceasar: "An inspector general! Or any general, for that matter. General Mills."

Lippman: "I like his oatmeal," 

Ceasar: "I bet you do."

These are your tax dollars at work here.


Concession speech

​-- Crist gave a typically vanilla concession speech. That is a huge and historic turn. What's next for Crist? My guess is he goes Democrat and runs for something, maybe even the U.S. Senate again.

Rubio said Meek gave "us a lesson in dignity and strength." Too bad Meek's party lacks those two traits. Rubio then went into near-preaching. First line of the speech-in-earnest: "Let me begin by acknowledging a simple but profound truth: We are children of a powerful and great God, of a God who isn't always going -- thing are not always going to end up the way you want them. His will is not always going to be yours, but I promise you this no matter what you face in life, he will give you the strength to go through it. I bear witness to that tonight..."

Well, that made me slightly nauseous.

More coming.

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