This is caviar compared to airport food.
This is caviar compared to airport food.
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Broward Hires Consultant to Fix Airport Food

The lack of decent food at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has been a fact of life in South Florida for years. Some residents avoid the airport altogether, happy to pay more to fly out of Palm Beach International, rather than suffer the indignities of greasy burgers, congealed pizza, and concession stands that darken long before the last flight lands.

Last summer, New Times pointed out the problem to airport officials, and learned that a few new restaurants were in the works.

Now the Broward County commissioners have finally taken notice. In classic bureaucratic fashion, they've hired a

consultant to fix the problem -- for a mere $500,000.

Of course, it's lovely to see our elected officials finally addressing an issue the constituents have been moaning about for years. But do we really need consultants to point out the obvious?

The initial three-year contract, to develop a "comprehensive concession program," is for $250,000. This includes a $21,530 "analysis of existing conditions" and a $30,310 "market insight study." Presumably, we're paying that money to confirm that, a) existing conditions suck, and b) we'd like some salads, smoothies, and sushi to compliment the greasy burgers.

If the consultants can't wrap up their work in three years (do they ever?), there's an option to renew the contract for two more years, and hit that $500,000 mark.

What a great gig. Wonder if the consultants get unlimited fries and congealed pizza for their efforts?


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