Broward Links

Just wanted to catch you up with some reading, in case you're not busy enough:

-- Wayne Huizenga is banking on an Obama victory in the sale of the Miami Dolphins, according to the Sun-Sentinel's Sarah Talalay. And man does that filthy rich SOB hate paying taxes.

-- JAABlog's take on the State Attorney's Office (Michael Satz) going light on Eleanor Adderley, the wife of of Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley. You'll remember that Adderly opened fire on the chief at the Plantation home over an extramarital affair he was having.

-- Here's one of the better stories done on anti-gay marriage Amendment 2, by former Daily Business Review editor Harris Meyer in Closer Magazine. Shows how similar amendments have been used in other states (including the Pulp's former dark and bloody ground Kentucky) to challenge same-sex partner benefits. Thought I'd use the opportunity to say: Vote No on this POS. Also take a look at Closer while you're there; run by veteran local journo Steve Ellman, it's quality stuff.

-- Amy Sherman takes a look at the the Broward sheriff's race between Al Lamberti and Scott Israel. In it, Israel says: ''Barack Obama is bringing change to the country. I'm bringing change to Broward.''

Yo, Scott, I know you're hoping to ride Obama's coattails to victory (and probably will), but please don't compare yourself to Barack. You're not anywhere near his league and up until last year you weren't even in his party. Now, maybe four years from now, you can brag about your accomplishments, but so far you're just a Republican-turned-Democrat hoping to ride a wave into office.

Lamberti, the incumbent appointee of Charlie Crist, has done a solid job and just about any other time he probably would have been remained in office. But that R next to his name is a real killer this time around.

-- Bees nesting in a vacant house attack a 70-year-old woman in Riviera Beach, hospitalizing her and killing three dogs. The burning question: Are these killer Africanized bees? Well, by way of answering, I'll tell you that a couple years ago I had a war with bees that built a large hive in my roof. I rather unwisely chose to handle the situation myself and at one point had a roomful of swarming bees. In that way, I became rather intimate with them -- and learned that they were the most docile things in the world. I walked around with them swarming around me, in fact. So the answer to the above question, I'm willing to wager, is yes.

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