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Broward Mayor Sue Gunzburger Proclaims October 22 "Occupy Fort Lauderdale Day"

Broward County Mayor Sue Gunzburger -- without any great objection from her fellow commissioners -- has issued a proclamation declaring this Saturday "Occupy Fort Lauderdale Day" and "encourag[ing] all Broward residents to work together to bring about a stronger, better, and fairer America for our future generations."

Gunzburger had previously visited the Occupy-in-exile camp at Equality Park in Wilton Manors before the group there was booted after a day for insurance issues. On her Facebook page, she wrote:

Meeting with some of the organizational team of the Occupy Fort Lauderdale group, at their new base camp in Equality Park, Wilton Manors. As Broward County Mayor, I wanted to express my support for the important "Occupy Wall Street" fight...

Read the proclamation after the jump.

On the Occupy Fort Lauderdale Facebook page, members of the movement were happy to have the mayor's support. Others, though, were skeptical of the official endorsement. 

"It's the same tactic the police use when they pretend to be your friend to make you docile," writes "Jo Du." 

"I guess they think that making Saturday an 'official day' that the people will have their 'official' demonstration and then go back to their ordinary lives. We no longer have our ordinary lives," writes Scott Hotchkiss.

A peaceful rally, of course, is planned for Saturday. If Mayor Gunzburger is in attendance, railing against the injustices of the big banks, we'll let you know.

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