Broward, Palm Beach School Grades Decline, Hit D's and F's

School grades were released on Friday for elementary and middle schools in Broward and Palm Beach and -- whoa, nelly -- it doesn't look good.

The number of failing schools is up, while there's a serious decline in overall grades for both districts, with A-rated schools falling from 48 percent to 29 percent, and F schools going from 2 to 4 percent across Florida.


The Broward school district dropped from a B to an overall C grade this year, the first time that's happened since 2008.

Meanwhile, 13 elementary and middle schools received F grades.

In 2012, only six schools received F's.

However, if there's a sliver of a speck of a silver lining in all of this, it's that members of the state Board of Education acknowledged last week that the grading system is flawed.

The compromise with this seems to be that it limited schools to a one-grade drop, even if it had deserved more.

The other problem is that the grades are based mainly on how well students did on the FCAT, which is a standardized test most parents (and teachers) would like to see abolished in Florida.

The good news is that Davie Elementary stood out as an improved school, going from a B last year to an A this year.

Ben Gamla charter school in Hollywood and Imagine Middle Charter school in Coral Springs also went from B's to A's.

High school grades are expected to be released later this year.

You can see the results of the school grades here.

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