Broward Primary: Races You Should Know About Before Voting

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Governor of Florida

Charlie Crist (D): Crist, of course, is the former Republican governor of Florida turned Democrat. He's also the overwhelming favorite to win the primary while Nan Rich has been largely ignored by the media. Crist has pretty much ignored Rich throughout the entire campaign cycle.

Nan Rich (D): Rich has gone around telling anyone who would listen (mostly, nobody) that she's an actual Democrat and always has been. That is, she was pro-choice before Crist was and so on. Weirdly, Rich just might actually be the best candidate out of all three running for governor. But we'll never know because Crist v. Scott has vastly greater potential to be our state's very own crazy reality show.

Attorney General

Perry Thurston (D): Thurston, like his opponent, is looking to be the guy who unseats incumbent AG Pam Bondi. Also like his opponent, Thurston is not very well-known. So here goes: Thurston, an African-American, is a four-term member of the Florida House of Representatives, is the minority leader, and his been an outspoken opponent toward Rick Scott's waffling over the Affordable Care Act and his wanting to drug-test all state workers. Like George Sheldon, Thurston hasn't raised much money and would be a big underdog against Bondi in November. But all indications are he'd make a pretty strong run at it.

George Sheldon (D): Sheldon has an extensive résumé in public service, including assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, deputy state attorney general, and legislator. Like Thurston, he's opposed Bondi pal Rick Scott's policies. He's also called out Bondi on her "lack of oversight of utility companies."

Both men have similar campaign promises. Neither has made much noise during this campaign season. It's looking more and more like this primary battle really should just be called Guy Who Will Eventually Lose to Pam Bondi in November.

Representative in Congress, 23rd Congressional District

Joseph "Joe" Kaufman (R): The real name that sticks out in this race is Kaufman, mostly because he's made himself a name for being a little nuts. Also, he's been accused of being racist. Mainly because he dislikes Muslims. Like, really, really dislikes Muslims.

Like, really.

No, really.

He seriously... dislikes... Muslims.

Also, he once accidentally shot himself looking in the mirror.

Juan Garcia (R): Garcia is pretty much none of the things Kaufman is. By all accounts, he seems like a nice guy, has enthusiasm for public service, and, probably most important, isn't Joe Kaufman.

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