You can see that Bergeron, Forman, and Forman's partner Bill Murphy, are specially named (and of course billionaire Wayne Huizenga is featured). 

But here's the thing: Bergeron and Forman are both registered Democrats, who between them have given money to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Ron Klein, Ted Deutch, and too many more fellow party members to name. To the Democratic Party itself, they donated tens of thousands of dollars between them. 

If you find that to be crazy, you probably shouldn't. This is Broward County after all and Bergeron and Forman are really loyal to only one party: 

​the Green Party, as in cash. Both of these guys make big contributions to local politicians regardless of ideology and ultimately they expect a lot from them in return, usually involving tax dollars, zoning approvals, public contracts and the like.

Forman, the in recent years has given campaign dollars to everyone from Hillary Clinton to Allen West. Bergeron was one of former Republican Charlie Crist's chief supporters, but that didn't stop him from contributing generously to Democrat Kendrick Meek's Senatorial run as well. 

Of course it's about influence rather than party, but it ought to be a little embarrassing for the local GOP when it's sponsored by a couple of multimillionaires who are officially on the other guys' team.

ADDED: You have said below that it's actually embarrassing for the Democrats and Mitch Ceasar. You're right. But the more I think about it, it's embarrassing for the system because it just shows once again that the same big money interests control both parties. 

Broward Republican Party's Chief Sponsors Are Democrats

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.