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Broward Republicans: Still Crazier Than Broward Democrats

With an ethics scandal rocking the Democratic powers of Broward County -- and just a few days after a Democratic mayoral candidate for one Broward city was arrested for pulling a gun on his daughter, the Democratic mayor of Broward County -- the Republican Party may have been looking pretty inviting to your average local political observer. Or at least until those Republicans took that precious piece of political capital to the gun range, where they riddled it with bullets.

But which among them is the nuttiest gun nut? Is it the one shooting at a Palestinian? Or is it the one aiming at a breast cancer survivor with three school-aged children? Or the guy who hatched this idea in the first place?

Let's take a closer look at the Sun-Sentinel article I linked above, which tells of Broward Republicans' highly political choices for target practice:

Though most of the targets of gunfire were standard gun-range fare -- large silhouettes of a human figure -- a few shooters used large color posters instead. They depicted a menacing figure, adorned in a kaffiyeh, the kind of headdress worn by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The person in the picture was holding a rocket-propelled grenade.

OK, so I suppose that target isn't too offensive. Clearly, it's a terrorist. That is, a religious radical who truly hates his political opponents, who arms himself to the teeth, and who uses violence as a means of achieving political ends. It's just that in America, the Republicans have also been the religious radicals, the most hateful toward their opponents, and the most eager to use guns. So you all should be careful gunning down terrorists -- you might hit one of your own.

Back to the article:

One of the shooters at the Tuesday evening event was Robert Lowry, a Republican candidate hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston. Lowry's target had the letters "DWS" next to the silhouette head.

Lowry said he didn't know who wrote Wasserman Schultz' initials on his target, but said he knew they were there before he started shooting. He initially described it as a "joke," but after answering several questions he said it "was a mistake" to use a target labeled "DWS."

Ya think? Well, let's see. This same  week, Wasserman Schultz has been testifying on Capitol Hill about a breast cancer bill. You know, since it's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and she's a breast cancer survivor. She's also the mother of three elementary school children. And you're blasting a gun into a target that bears her initials? As a joke?

Here's a joke: Gosh, with the embarrassment that this incident caused, Lowry may have cost himself a chance to beat Wasserman Schultz in the election.

But then, maybe this is just an example of liberal media distortion. For fair-and-balanced coverage, check out, which was also had tickets to the gun show. "Brilliant!" raved the reporter, Javier Manjarres. Speaking of the afterglow from an orgy of violence, he wrote thus:
Upon discharging their weapons, the members that I spoke to not only felt a sense of empowerment and relief of pent up frustration the Socialist Obama administration has instilled in them, but these members have found a new respect for the weapons themselves.
All that squeezin' and shootin' must have left the fellas with some sore palms, eh?

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