Broward Republicans Want Allen West's Neighborhood Out of His Proposed District

The Broward GOP is still fighting hard against proposed changes to Rep. Allen West's congressional district, now releasing a ridiculously lengthy open letter on its new website -- saveallenwest.com -- asking the reapportionment committees to change it up in their favor.

The letter, from Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli, specifically states that portions of western Broward -- specifically circling the congressman's house -- should not be in his district.

As you may recall, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz made a quip last year that West actually lived in her district, and some slight proposed changes to the districts would place West's house in the district he currently represents.

DeNapoli claims that he doesn't think the proposed district is constitutional, citing new requirements that call for districts to "utilize existing political and geographical boundaries."

To DeNapoli, that means forgetting the western portion of Broward and including more northern parts of Palm Beach County -- up to either Jupiter or the northern county line.

DeNapoli claims that proposed maps "go through great pains" to include western portions of Broward -- ya know, where the congressman lives -- and claims that a single, unnamed person is the reason the proposed district doesn't extend further north.

Either way, it looks like the Broward GOP is getting desperate to get someone to change his mind on what West's district will look like.

It was rumored that West was "district shopping," perhaps looking to get into a primary battle in Rep. Tom Rooney's district, although Democratic operatives have pointed out to us -- and we've confirmed through party registration records -- that a couple of new left-leaning enclaves are put into that district too.

The only thing that's for sure about how the redistricting process will end up is that a whole bunch of people are going to be pissed off.

Click here for DeNapoli's open-letter argument.

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