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Broward School District Getting Desperate to Fill Superintendent Post

After getting a grand total of zero applications for the interim superintendent post, the Broward School District is searching nationwide for a permanent district chief when Jim Notter retires June 30.

Donnie Carter was appointed interim superintendent after nobody applied, and now they've hired consultants and are putting out a campaign to find someone to get suckered into accept the permanent post.

They've made fliers, a personality test, and a four-page job description to try to lure somebody in.

Here are the five characteristics School Board members, employees, and constituents voted on as being the most important in their new superintendent:

  1. Inspires trust, self-confidence, and models high standards
  2. Strongly committed to "student first" philosophy in all decisions
  3. Has leadership skills to respond to challenges of ethnic and cultural diversity
  4. Willing to listen to input, but is a decision maker
  5. Experience in sound management practices

That's what they call in the industry "wishful thinking."

It couldn't be too hard to find someone mildly less miserable than Notter, like someone who hasn't been blasted for his job performance in a grand jury report.

Or maybe who doesn't put the Broward County School Board in a couple of billion dollars worth of debt.

Hey, how about someone who doesn't need a $50,000 shrink to evaluate his job performance?

Just somebody who doesn't look like an ass on national television.

If you can handle that, fill out the application here. And don't say we didn't warn you.

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