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Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti Listed Son as BSO Member to Get Him Into Super Bowl

As the football playoffs are about to start and you can feel the inevitable commercially hyped push toward the Super Bowl, here's a thought to ponder:

Not only that but have an all-access credential that gets you everywhere in the stadium, including the locker rooms?

Well, when the game is in South Florida, as it was last year, it doesn't hurt to be related to the Broward County Sheriff.

I just obtained an internal BSO document showing that when Sheriff Al Lamberti oversaw security at the Super Bowl last year at Joe Robbie-Land Shark Stadium, his son 16-year-old son, Nick, was listed as a member of BSO's detail.

UPDATE: Sheriff's spokesman Jim Leljedal responded to my questions with this emailed statement: "Nick Lamberti did not work the Super Bowl and was not paid.  He was credentialed, as were hundreds of others who were there, so that he could accompany his dad on game day." 

Well, there are surely hundreds of people credentialied for the Super Bowl, but for BSO, it's actually a very short list. Leading off that roster, under the banner "Credentials Matrix 'Game Day,'" were Sheriff Al himself and Lt. Col. Rick Frey. They formed "BSO Command." Then six other BSOers were assigned to work security for the AFC team, the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts, who would lose to the Saints in the big game. Those included two BSO captains, a sergeant, two detectives, and... son Nick.

All have BSO identification numbers except for the teenager, whose number is listed as BSO0000.

Understand that people pay thousands of dollars for tickets for the game. They generally face at about $500, and on Stubhub right now, you can't one for next month's game for under $1,300. An all-access credential would obviously fetch many thousands of dollars.

Inside, see who else was on the detail and see a blast from the past when the sheriff and his son were photographed at the Orange Bowl with one of South Florida's best-known scoundrels. 

Here's the document:

We know that Nick Lamberti also was put on the detail for the previous Orange Bowl at which a snapshot was taken of the sheriff with Scott Rothstein. Nick Lamberti, at left, wore matching credentials with his dad on that too:

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