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Pompano Mayor Broke Campaign Finance Laws, Watchdog Report Shows

A campaign promotional image of Rex Hardin after his victory in Pompano Beach's mayoral race.
A campaign promotional image of Rex Hardin after his victory in Pompano Beach's mayoral race. Photo via Facebook
Pompano Beach Mayor Rex Hardin repeatedly broke campaign finance laws during his 2018 run for office, according to a Broward Office of Inspector General (OIG) report released Wednesday.

The OIG findings allege Hardin made multiple improper campaign fund transfers, shady loans, and illegal campaign contributions dating from May 2018, when Hardin withdrew from the commissioner race to run for mayor of Pompano Beach, through February 2019, when he allegedly filed a falsified campaign termination report.

The OIG referred its findings to Florida's Election Commission (FEC) and the Broward State Attorney's Office.

Hardin did not return New Times’ calls for comment Wednesday.

Hardin, 48, is a longtime resident of Pompano Beach and owns Cypress Printing Center, a commercial print shop. He served on the city commission for nine years before he was elected mayor in 2018.

The findings released Wednesday mark the second time Hardin has come under scrutiny for campaign finance violations. An OIG investigation of Hardin's 2014 commission reelection campaign resulted in an FEC fine.
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